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Ballasted Rubber Membrane

GenFlex EPDM membranes are approved for use in a wide range of roofing an re-roofing applications. Both have high tensile strength, excellent puncture and tear resistance, exceptional dimensional ability, and elasticity, and weatherablity. Beginning with continuous advancements in the late 70's, we've been on a roll ever since. The single ply comes in 45 mil or 60 mil thickness.

Elastomeric Roof Coatings

The fluid-applied Elastomeric Roof Coatings we use are Conklin Products and have been used in the industry since the early 70's. The main place we used these coatings is on RV's and mobile homes, and for commercial use on concrete grain elevators. The Rapid Roof Product is a water based acrylic latex roof coating system designed to provide a lightweight, flexible, and seamless weatherproof covering over a variety of roofs decking substances. Some of these include plywood, metal and concrete. Lightweight, yet durable, the Rapid Roof Elastomeric Membrane is many times lighter than a lot of conventional systems. On concrete grain elevators we add a granule system to make the membrane a lot tougher for the traffic on a grain elevator roof. The Rapid Roof System is UL and Factory Mutual approved.

Concrete Grain Elevator Roofing

We do pressure washing of the roofs to get down to the fresh concrete and either seal with fluid applied elastomeric roof coating and granular system or we mop down the base insulation and fully adhere the Rubber Membrane Roof System. We can determine the best system for you after looking at your roof.

Sheet Metal Work

In our shop, we bend all types of metal flashings and copings on the perimeters of buildings. Usually sheet metal is required to finish the outside perimeter of a building. We have a new Roper Whitney Autobrake 2000 with an Orion control system to bend the metal needed to finish the job. Having this machine takes out the need to hire another contractor to do the sheet metal work. Along with the Autobrake we added the 10M14 Shear for the precise cut in the metal for your project. Feel free to check these machines out at, where you can view pictures of these machines and get the full description. We use all UNA-CLAD/UNA-FAB architectural metal products from Copper Sales, Inc. whether it is Galvanize, Kynar 500 Painted Products, Aluminum, Copper, Muntz, or Stainless.

Metal Roofs

We do metal roofs on old barns, and re-roof metal buildings. We can do either your standard 3 foot panel and fasten with rubber washer screws or the standing seam panel. We re also installing the ABC (American Building Components) SL-16 concealed fastener architectural panel system on home re-roofing jobs. The system is UL approved and comes in numerous attractive colors, plus it has the ability to significantly lower installation time. There is a 25 year color limited warranty.

Duro-Last Roofing Systems

Duro-Last is the world's largest manufacturer of custom prefabricated roofing systems. We custom order each roof based on measurements of the exact size of each building and flashing detail. At completion , each commercial project is inspected by a Duro-Last Factory-trained quality assurance inspector. Duro-Last is cost effective, reliable and trouble-free. Hot air welding is used to bond all of the field seams, which eliminates the need for chemicals, torches, and other unsafe seaming systems. Once installed, Duro-Last is watertight and virtually maintenance free.

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