Whether it is because you saw your neighbors reroofing their home or because you are experiencing roof issues that need to be addressed, there are some items you should know before starting the reroofing process. If you find yourself needing a new roof, and there are two layers of roofing already in place, building codes require stripping the roofing down to the sheathing. Even though most homes are able to hold two layers of roofing, some heavier materials may overstress rafter and other structural parts of your home. To make sure no damage is done, its important to consult a roofing professional.

At Hahn Roofing, our professionals in Alexandria, LA can work with you on your roofing needs!

Roof Repair

The purpose of a roof is to protect your home from the elements, so when your roof succumbs to general wear and tear you need a reliable roof repair team to come to the rescue. That is where Hahn Roofing can help. Our professionals are trained to assess damage and make recommendations on materials, they are also equipped with the proper safety gear needed for these projects.

There are many home repairs that can be put off to the side, but a leaky roof is not one of them. The longer you wait the more extensive the damage will be to both your roof and savings account. Before you take the risk of checking out your roof yourself, give Hahn Roofing a call and speak with one of our Alexandria, LA roof professionals.