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We offer FREE inspections by highly trained professional estimators for storm damage, overall roof conditions and any material defects. We are happy to meet with your insurance company and discuss any claim from storm damage or material defects. Remember, Hahn Roofing has been in business since 1979 and is A+ rated by the BBB. We’re not like storm chasers and we do not work with or for the insurance companies, we work for YOU, the owner.

  1. Leak Barrier- To provide extra protection at vulnerable areas like eaves, rakes, valleys, chimneys and skylights.
  2. Roof Deck Protection- Lays flat for a better looking roof.
  3. Shingles- We provide shingles from the best manufacturers in the industry.
  4. Effective Attic Ventilation- Ventilation products help protect against premature roof deterioration.
  5. Distinctive Ridge Cap Shingles- Enhance the appearance of your home while guarding against leaks at the ridge line.


  1. We will provide you with a list of satisfied customers.
  2. Show you a copy of our contractors license.
  3. Show you the quality of material we will be using.
  4. Have your roof done in a timely manner, weather permitting.


  1. Your yard will be rolled with a magnet to pick up loose nails.
  2. We will furnish you with our 2 year workmanship warranty certificate.
  3. We will furnish your shingle manufacturer’s warranty filled out completely.
  4. Furnish a Lien Waiver for all material and labor.

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